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Legal Disclaimer

In the following, the term “Semperit” includes Semperit AG Holding and all companies affiliated with it within the meaning of section 15 of the Austrian Stock Corporation Act (AktG).



The content of the Semperit website, available under the URL, (the, this or our "Website") is protected by intellectual property rights and designed for private use only.

All intellectual property rights with respect to contents and design of the Website and the products displayed or stated, such as, in particular copyrights, trademarks, logos and other marks, patents, design patents, utility patents and the like shall be the exclusive property of Semperit or third-party proprietors or persons entitled thereto unless expressly stated otherwise. In this connection Semperit, in particular, expressly reserves all rights to texts, images, graphics, sounds, animations, videos and other protectable contents and to the design and arrangement of the same on the Website as well as to the Semperit products.

Any utilisation of the content of this Website in violation of the copyright provisions or any other provision protecting intellectual property is prohibited. In particular, the contents of the Website may not be copied or distributed, altered or made accessible to third parties nor used for purposes other than in connection with the right to use the same. When using the Website in accordance with the right granted, the user shall refrain from any infringement of copyrights of Semperit or third parties and neither remove nor alter any copyright notes or other names protected by law. No license or other right to use the intellectual property of Semperit or third parties shall be granted or transferred by any form of use of the Website. Semperit reserves the right to modify and/or amend the contents of the Website or delete the same in whole or in part or to restrict access completely or for certain groups of users at any time. Semperit shall not be responsible for any consequences resulting therefrom.


The information on this Website is provided for general information purposes only to make general information about Semperit and its products accessible to the public. Semperit aims at providing the information on the Website in an accurate, complete, current and lawful manner. Nonetheless, Semperit does not accept any responsibility with respect to reliance on the accuracy, completeness, currency, lawfulness or permanent availability of the information provided on the Website and from actions taken or not taken based on its contents. Semperit expressly excludes any liability in connection therewith.

This Website may link to external websites and external websites may reference this Website. Beyond the scope of liability determined by mandatory statutory provisions Semperit shall not assume any additional responsibility for the existence of such websites or for the correctness, completeness, up-to-dateness or lawfulness of the contents referred to.

None of the information provided on the Website shall constitute an invitation, offer or acceptance to conclude a contract or other legal transaction, in particular to buy or trade with products, securities or shares in companies of the Semperit group or is intended to influence such a decision.                                 

Information on Semperit products shall be non-binding and serve the purpose of initial information and shall neither be promised expressly nor tacitly. All data or test figures stated shall expressly be provided on the basis of this disclaimer for the use of the Website and exclusively on the basis of the General Terms and Conditions applicable to the relevant company of the Semperit group. For any further questions about our products, their properties and usability please contact our sales department.

The Website may contain information about Semperit products that are not available in your country. The existence of such information on the Website does not include Semperit's intention to make such products available on a world-wide basis or to announce such intention. For further information please contact our sales department.

Within the meaning of the Austrian Equal Treatment Act [Gleichbehandlungsgesetz] Semperit supports equal treatment of women and men and of any person irrespective of his/her ethnic origin, religion, ideology, age or sexual orientation. In this sense any and all names, provisions, criteria, procedures and other facts stated on the Website or otherwise related to Semperit – in particular in connection with employment relationships – shall be considered gender-neutral and without preferential treatment based on ethnic origin, religion, ideology, age or sexual orientation.

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