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After finding a suitable job opening, you submit your application, which typically includes a resume and if wanted a cover letter and other documents. Once the application is submitted, the recruiter will screen your qualifications to determine if you meet the job requirements.


If the your qualifications meet the job requirements, you will be invited for an interview. This may involve multiple rounds of interviews with different individuals or panels. Depending on the position and location the recruiting process includes trial working days or online assessments.


Once you successfully completed the interview you may receive a job offer, which includes details about the job role, compensation, benefits, and other relevant information. Once you accepted to join Semperit you will be introduced into our onboarding process which includes an Onboarding Academy and an induction plan depending on the position there are specific additional steps to make sure that you are arriving in the position as good as possible.

Read more in our FAQs.

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