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Our global world never stands still. Whether vehicles or at port facilities, mines, factories, hospitals, everything is in continuous operation 24/7 in order to supply us with products and services we need to create and maintain a good quality of life. Companies providing these system-critical services place their trust in us when it comes to keeping their technology and infrastructure operational. We are viewed as trusted partners for our ability to produce mission critical systems and components which boost our customers’ performance in a wide range of industries.


Agricultural operations can work more efficiently and with less environmental impact thanks to our durable, high-performance conveyor belts and hoses.

Bulk Transportation Systems

Our reliable solutions ensure materials can be safely and efficiently transported around the globe.

Construction Industry

We develop high-quality sealings, hoses and a multitude of customised polymer solutions for the construction industry.

Manufacturing Industry

Our products help to keep machinery going and ensure production processes run smoothly in the manufacturing industry.

Health Care

In the health care sector, we specialize in mould making and injection moulding production in hygienic production atmospheres and clean rooms.

Mining & Port Facilities

Our products ensure smooth and rapid transportation of commodities and goods in mining and port facilities.

Shipping Industry

Our innovative products and materials boost performance in the shipping industry.

Packaging Industry

Industrial packaging is secure thanks to our sealings and profiles.


Our solutions keep vehicles moving on the road, on railway tracks and overland.


Our customised solutions and products help to increase the service life of household products and support you in your safe household tasks. 

Renewable Energy & Power Generation

Our strong focus on renewable energy means that our tried-and-tested product applications and our product innovations help to boost our customers’ profitability. In doing so, we can play an important role in the energy transition.

Process Industry

Our hoses and sealings are key to the safe production of foodstuffs and beverages.

Steel Industry

Our conveyor belts facilitate the smooth transportation of raw materials in the steel industry.

Automotive Industry

Our capabilities in high-cavity mold production, materials expertise and the consistent quality of the parts we produce enable us to meet the specific requirements of the automotive industry.

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