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Innovations for a sustainable future

Innovation is at the core of our company. We ensure – through innovative materials, manufacturing methods and products – that our customers can work more reliably, efficiently, safely and sustainably.

This is why our innovation management focuses heavily on customer benefits and sustainability. We firmly believe that delivering premium quality products and services should go hand in hand with environmental and social responsibility. We therefore work continually on innovative processes which allow us to optimise our use of resources and to increase benefits for our customers.

We maintain an open-ended dialogue with our customers as part of our systematic and structured innovation management. We can develop value-added products and services and offer sustainable competitive advantages only if and when we understand our customers’ needs and requirements.

Close collaboration with universities, research institutes and suppliers is integral to our innovation management. We conduct basic research with these entities in order to expand our knowledge of materials, processes and products to proactively shape the future of our industry. We also continually research alternative raw materials which may be environmentally advantageous.

We are shaping the future with innovative digitalization!

The extension of our high-quality products with digital services and the improvement of customer communication with the help of digital channels is the objective of our digitization initiative.

Through an agile approach, early involvement of our customers and the use of cross-functional teams, we unerringly increase customer benefits. In this way, we reduce effort, increase effectiveness and simplify processes. The use of Industry 4.0 solutions in production enables us to increase both effectiveness and quality, which ultimately benefits our customers. However, more effective production also means more sustainability.

Digital technologies are an integral part of our innovations. We rely on cooperation with leading technology partners from "the world of digitalization" and innovative start-ups.

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