Living Values. Creating Values.

What principles define our behaviour?

Respect for each other, the way we treat each other, and our accountability and responsibility for each other are not directly quantifiable economic factors for success. And yet the style of cooperation is decisive for the success of our company.

We want to base our daily actions on the following principles:


We trust

We collaborate and appreciate each other no matter who we are and where we come from. We are loyal, communicate openly and respectfully. Being reliable on our actions and learning from mistakes, we build trust.

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We create

We develop smart and innovative processes and products that match our customers needs. We add value by designing solutions – for today and the future. We encourage and embrace change.

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We own

We take responsibility and are dedicated to our tasks. We stand up for our common beliefs and have high expectations of our results. Passion drives us to make the difference.

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We deliver

It all begins with our customers. Our thinking starts from their point of view. We listen. And we deliver upon promised solutions and products. We are strong partners - internally and externally.

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