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About us


We are an international company that reliably delivers customers high-quality mission critical systems and components. We have been leveraging our experience and expertise since 1824 in order to continually enhance the performance of our customers and partners. We offer customised solutions which are based upon our comprehensive knowledge of various lines of business. Research and development plays a critical part in everything we do and helps us continually drive the industry forwards into the future.

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Know-how, quality, and customer service

We are an Austrian company with a strong international focus. The Semperit Group employs more than 7,000 people worldwide in more than 100 countries. Thanks to our unique know-how, high quality products and optimal customer service, we ensure that our customers can work more reliably, efficiently, safely and sustainably.

Highly specialised polymer products

Our core competence resides in the development, production and marketing of highly specialised polymer products for a wide range of industrial applications. This includes

  • hydraulic and industrial hoses,
  • conveyor belts,
  • escalator handrails,
  • building construction profiles,
  • cable car rings as well as
  • railway superstructure products
  • and many others.

In addition, we are the only European provider of surgical and examination gloves.


What is our mission – and how do we accomplish it?

We live in a world in which technology never stands still. This is the world we want to keep going – not just today or tomorrow but long into the future too. We always provide a reliable service to support our customers’ success. This includes continually delivering optimal quality and efficiency, along with the greatest possible innovative capabilities. Our positioning in production and sales is global and transcends international borders. Our product portfolio focuses on the tried-and-tested areas in which we are a market leader: the manufacture of industrial and medical products made from polymers. Success in these product areas is rooted not only in creativity and innovation but also in pragmatism and experience.

To our employees, we are a reliable and faithful employer. Our sustainable growth is important because it also expands our employees’ prospects.


Acquisition of majority stake in M&R Dichtungstechnik, new Vienna headquarters


Strategic policy decision to focus on industrial sector


Sale of Italian hose factory, expansion of mining activities in Poland


Start of restructuring and transformation programme, narrowing of geographic footprint, Odry becomes mega-factory


Termination of almost all joint ventures with Thai partner, expansion of Deggendorf facility


Acquisition of Leeser, Germany


Acquisition of Latexx Partners, Kamunting, Malaysia


Establishment of porcelain mouldings production with joint venture partners in Malaysia


Start-up of a new hose factory in China


Acquisition of majority stake in Indian conveyor belt plant


Acquisition of plant in Belchatów, Poland


Acquisition of plant in Odry, Czech Republic


Launch of company’s sites in Thailand and China


Sale of tyre production unit, focus on industrial and medical sectors


Start of latex glove production


The Semperit Group is formed from the merger of several factories


First use of the name Semperit


Semperit goes public


Construction of first European factory for rubber products in Wimpassing, Austria


Johann Nepomuk Reithoffer is awarded patent for waterproof fabrics

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Alexander Kleedorfer

Director Group Brand Management (Interim), Corporate Spokesperson

Tel. +43 676 87158464
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