Semperit AG Holding: Revenue and earnings growth in the first quarter od 2011

10.05.2011 (Disclosed inside information / Adhoc Release)

Vienna, May 10, 2011

  • Revenue increase of +27% to EUR 194 million
  • Rising costs of materials increased pressure on margins
  • Earnings after tax up +20% to EUR 11 million

The first quarter 2011 proceeded satisfactorily for the Semperit Group. On basis of increased demand in almost all markets, total revenue of the Semperit Group climbed by +27% to EUR 194 million. In addition to the higher level of sales, the underlying reason was the large-scale selling price increases, in some cases in the double-digit range.

1-3/2011 1-3/2010 Change in %
Revenue in € million 193,7 152,4 +27,1
EBITDA in € million 25,3 23,8 +6,2
EBIT in € million 18,0 16,2 +11,3
Earnings after tax in € million 11,2 9,3 +20,3

Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) amounted to EUR 25 million, a rise of +6% from the prior-year quarter. EBIT rose by +11% from the first quarter of 2010 to EUR 18 million. Earnings after tax were up by +20% to EUR 11 million.

The Semperit Group managed to report a gratifying business development especially in the industrial sector (Semperflex, Semperform, Sempertrans), whereas revenue growth in the medical sector (Sempermed) was due to selling price increases. The industrial sector achieved considerable volume growth in all segments.


The current economic situation should ensure a high capacity utilization of all production companies in 2011. However, the further development of raw material markets poses a big risk to the business development of the company. The ability to fully pass on raw material price hikes to customers in a timely manner seems to be limited. For this reason, margins are likely to come under even more pressure in the upcoming quarterly periods. In this environment, Semperit will do everything in its power to further improve its productivity and cost structure in order to be able to also generate satis-factory results in the entire year 2011.

The complete Report on the 1st quarter 2011 of the Semperit Group has been published and can be viewed on the company’s Website at

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