Vienna, May 11, 2010



  • Total revenue rose by 3.7% to EUR 152.4 million


  • EBT 16.1% up on the previous year at EUR 16.9 million


Vienna, May 11, 2010 – The commencing economic recovery was reflected in the first quarter of 2010 in improved earnings for the Semperit Group.

  1-3/2009 1-3/2010 Change in %
Revenue in EUR million 146.9 152.4 +3.7
Earnings before tax (EBT) in EUR million 14.5 16.9 +16.1
Net profit for the period in EUR million 7.8 9.3 +18.8

Revenue rose in comparison to the first quarter of the previous year by 3.7% to EUR 152.4 million. In spite of the continuing difficult market environment, earnings before tax (EBT) increased disproportionally by 16.1% to EUR 16.9 million. This development was largely attributable to good capacity utilisation and growth in the Sempermed segment as well as to the revival in demand in the Semperflex segment. Net profit for the period, at EUR 9.3 million showed a marked improvement over the comparable period of the previous year. The massive increase in raw material prices exhibit intense pressure on the margins and are forcing Semperit to adjust sales prices for customers.


The Sempermed segment continued its positive development, improving revenue in the first quarter 2010 by 8.8% to EUR 73.3 million. Demand improved in the Semperflex segment at the start of 2010 following an extremely difficult year in 2009, which led to an expansion of business by 11.6% to EUR 31.8 million. Revenue for the Semperform segment in the first quarter was 6.4% below the previous year’s figure of EUR 22.8 million at EUR 21.4 million, however individual regions and segments exhibited differing development.As a result of intense price competition, the Sempertrans segment had to deal with a decline in revenue by EUR 8.1% to EUR 25.9 million.


Due to the continuing uncertainty of the economic environment, as well as the marked increase in raw material prices, it is still only possible to make limited forecasts for the future. On the basis of good market positioning and the company’s competitive strength, the Semperit Group expects that the development of the results will be satisfactory for 2010 as a whole.

The entire first quarter report was published at and is available for download.

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