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Vienna, April 6, 2009



    • Preliminary figures 2008 confirmed
    • Dividend proposal to the Annual General Meeting: Increase to 1.09 EUR per share

Vienna, April 6, 2009 – The Semperit Group confirms the preliminary figures for the financial year 2008 published on February 20, 2009 as final. Revenue of the Semperit Group rose by 7.8% in 2008, to EUR 655.3 million. Because of a massive price increases for raw materials earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) decreased by 8.2%, to EUR 58.7 million. Earnings before tax fell by 2.6% to EUR 58.1 million.

2007 2008 Change in %
Revenue in EUR million 607.8 655.3 + 7.8
EBIT in EUR million 63.9 58.7 - 8.2
EBT in EUR million 59.6 58.1 - 2.5
Dividend per share in EUR 0.95 1.09* + 14.7

* Proposal to the Annual General Meeting

Group equity without minority interests rose to EUR 291.9 million, the equity ratio of the Semperit Group increased from 58.7% in the pervious year to the current level of 60.1% of balance sheet total. Gross cash flow for the 2008 financial year amounted to EUR 78.0 million.

In regard to the difficult business conditions the results for 2008 were satisfactory. Hence, management will be recommending an increase in the dividend from EUR 0.95 per share for 2007 to EUR 1.09 per share for 2008 at the upcoming Annual General Meeting.

The Semperit Group sees itself confronted with a difficult financial year ahead in 2009 as a consequence of extremely challenging business conditions. Due to the good competitive position and a solid equity capital structure, Semperit expects to emerge even stronger from the crisis and gain market shares in the end.

The annual report and the annual financial report are now available on our homepage The upcoming Annual General Meeting will take place on April 30, 2009.

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