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Vienna, April 29, 2008



  • Consolidated sales further improved by 5.9% to EUR 607,8 million
  • EBIT rose disproportionately by 26.0% to EUR 63.9 million
  • Dividend proposed to Annual General Meeting: 95 cent per share

Vienna, Austria, April 29, 2008 – In the 2007 financial year the Semperit Group once again achieved record results for the 17th consecutive year. This positive development was driven by a favourable market environment, further internationalisation of the company’s business operations, targeted selling price policies and consistent cost management.

2006 2007 Change in %
Sales in EUR million 574.1 607.8 + 5.9
Earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) in EUR million 50.8 63.9 + 26.0
Earnings before tax (EBT) in EUR million 54.3 59.6 + 9.8
Consolidated net profit for the year in EUR million 40.0 44.6 + 11.5
Dividend per share in EUR 0.84 0.95* + 13.1

* Proposal to the Annual General Meeting

During the period under review, consolidated sales rose by 5.9 % to EUR 607.8 million and operating profit (EBIT) climbed disproportionately by 26.0%, to EUR 63.9 million. Due to the negative financial result, earnings before tax only rose slightly by 9.8% above the previous year’s level, to EUR 59.6 million. The main reason was the massive crisis on international capital markets, which resulted in a negative financial result of minus EUR 4.3 million. After deducting minority interests, the consolidated net profit for the year 2007 totalled EUR 44.6 million, an increase of 11.5%.

Group equity rose by 11.1% to 280.0 Mio. EUR, the equity ratio of the Semperit Group increased from 55.3% to in the pervious year to the current level of 58.7%. Gross cash flow increased by 21.1% in the 2007 financial year, to EUR 82.9 million. Cash and cash equivalents at the balance sheet date amounted to EUR 70.3 million, or EUR 20.4 million above the previous year’s level.

Management will be recommending an increase in the dividend from 84 cent per share for 2006 to 95 cent per share for 2007 at the upcoming Annual General Meeting.

Semperit is confident to once again announce record business results for the 2008 financial year. The Semperit Group expects to maintain its growth path with increased sales and earnings based on efficiency improvements, an even quicker realisation of measures designed to respond to raw material price hikes and capacity expansion in selected production plants.

The annual report and the annual financial report are now available on our homepage as well as the invitation and agenda of the Annual General Meeting, taking place on May 20, 2008.
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