A series of integration measures are carried out to assure the best possible start for new employees. For example, each new employee at Semperit Austria is given a basic introductory training lasting for one week, giving an overview of all tasks performed in the company and all business areas. In addition, individual internal department training programmes are developed, in order to separately focus on the new job assignment or department. In order to optimal integrate employees into the company, a mentoring system is designed for some employee groups. What we aim with this is, that the experienced person in its role as mentor provides advice for the young employee (mentee).

Personal and career planning / Appraisal interviews

Succession and career planning is a key aspect of personnel management. In order to identify individual potential and optimally make use of it, we carry out institutionalised appraisal interviews and performance reviews each year. They serve to promote the integration and motivation of employees and their identification with the company.

The annual appraisal interviews have the following aims:

  • Situation analysis and skills assessment with employees
  • Comparison of career development targets on the part of employees with the expectations held by the company
  • Evaluation of achievement of objectives in respect to the qualitative and quantitative targets defined in the previous appraisal interview 
  • Optimisation of cooperation between the supervisor and employee 
  • Definition of measures designed to support the employee 
  • Analysis of professional development opportunities for the employee within the company

Quality seal for workplace health promotion