Corporate Governance Report

Austrian Corporate Governance Code

The Austrian Corporate Governance Code, a regulatory framework for the management and monitoring of Austrian joint stock companies, has been established. This code contains internationally adopted, customary standards, as well as significant related regulations stipulated in the Austrian Stock Corporation-, Stock Exchange-, and Capital Markets Acts and is based on the EU recommendations on the tasks of supervisory board members and on the remuneration of directors as well as on the principles encompassed in the OECD Guidelines for Corporate Governance.

The Code is aimed at ensuring a responsible management and supervision of individual companies and groups, with the goal of creating sustainable and long lasting value. The code seeks to create a high level of transparency for all company stakeholders.

Companies voluntarily undertake to comply with the guidelines contained in the current version of the Austrian Corporate Governance Code as amended. The version of the Corporate Governance Code that is applicable to the year 2020 was issued in January 2021 and can be found on the website at

Statement on corporate governance

The Semperit Group, as an internationally operating, publicly listed company, hereby declares that it will voluntarily observe the Austrian Corporate Governance Code and that it also intends to observe the Code in the future, or justify any deviating behaviour. Semperit AG Holding complies with all legally binding L-rules (Legal Requirements). Unless otherwise declared, the C-rules (Comply-or-Explain) will be observed by the relevant bodies and the company. Explanation of the C-Rule 64: Semperit does not have a current shareholder identification for the reporting period, so that differentiation of the shareholder structure according to geographic origin and investor type is not available.

Content as of March 2021


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