Mission & Vision

What is our mission – and how do we fulfill it?

Our company makes contributions to medical care and technical infrastructures. We do this by providing the most sophisticated products and services for our customers. And in the interest of our employees for whom we are a reliable and loyal employer. When the entire company is focused on sustainable growth, the prospects for our employees also grow.

Semperit operates in the Business-to-Business segment. We ensure that our customers are successful. Our business partners expect us to provide optimum quality and maximum efficiency. In manufacturing and sales, we are positioned worldwide without borders. In our product portfolio we focus on reliable areas of competence in which we are among the market leaders: the manufacture of medical and industrial products made of rubber. Success in these product worlds comes when we are creative and innovative as well as pragmatic and skilled.

That is why our company name is also our business doctrine: semper it – there is always a solution.

We combine our local roots with a global horizon.

In addition to our concentration on customers and employees, we expressly focus on profits. This way we are able to finance the targeted growth, expand our market position worldwide, and secure our competitiveness in the long-term. If we achieve these goals, we will also increase the value of the company and strengthen the established image of our brand.

Long-term reasoning is inconsistent with short-term gains. A deal is only good when everyone is satisfied. Consequently, all those involved in a value-added process should benefit from cooperation that is based on mutual trust: Our business partners and shareholders as well as our employees and their social environment.

Austria is home to Semperit – at the same time, we are at home around the world. That’s why we combine our local roots with a global horizon. When we set our sights on what’s ahead, we will discover new possibilities for expansion and set the course for a good future for our company.