Historical Milestones

Year Milestone
1824 Johann Nepomuk Reithoffer receives the patent for waterproof fabrics
1852 Construction of the first European factory for rubber products in Wimpassing, Austria
1890 Semperit goes public on the Vienna Stock Exchange
1900 Company name Semperit is used for the first time
1912 Semperit Group established following the merger of several factories
1920 Start of latex glove production
1985 Sale of tire production and focus on Industrial and Medical Sectors
1996 Opening of the locations in Thailand and China
1998 Acquisition of the plant in Odry, Czech Republic
2000 Acquisition of the plant in Belchatów, Poland
2001 Acquisition of a majority interest in an Indian conveyor belt plan
2007 Opening of a new hose factory in China
2011 Construction of a porcelain mouldings production with joint venture partners in Malaysia
2012 Acquisition of Latexx Partners, Kamunting, Malaysia
2015 Acquisition of Leeser, Germany
2017 Termination of almost all joint ventures with Thai partner
2018 Start of the restructuring and transformation programme