SemperLine (Whistleblower Hotline)

Express your concerns via SemperLine

In case you are in doubt as to whether a certain issue is in line with the law, the Code of Conduct, or the compliance guidelines of Semperit, you should discuss this with your line manager. Alternatively, if this is – for whatever reason – not feasible, you have the possibility to share your concerns via SemperLine.

Secure SemperLine Hotline

Instances in which it is impossible to speak about concerns personally we support you with our SemperLine Hotline. This specific communication platform, which is run by an external partner, guarantees the secure and confidential processing of the information provided by you. Through this hotline you can voice your concerns 24/7 in all languages spoken within Semperit, and therefore you can play an active role in securing correct behavior within the Semperit Group. Please provide your information openly. However, if you would like to stay anonymous, SemperLine offers an anonymous dialogue as well.

You may rest assured that all details provided by you will be checked thoroughly and there won’t be any negative implications for you. Please trust in us. We, on the other side, trust that you will not provide us with dishonest leads.

Please note, this hotline does not deal with customer queries and customer complaints regarding products or services provided by the Semperit Group.

General information regarding data protection regulations

How we use your personal data

Semperit processes the personal data of whistleblowers, individuals against whom a report is made and witnesses, such as general information (like name, language, etc.) and information on the incident / misconduct reported to. Such processing is necessary for the purpose of the legitimate interests pursued by Semperit to ensure compliance with the relevant legislation and regulation and protect Semperit's interests.

The report is processed by the Group Compliance Officer. As the case may be, the data could be transferrred to relevant departments / persons in the group, as well as to authorities, courts and attorneys.

How long will your data be retained?

Semperit stores your data only as long as required for the complaint handling and will delete it as soon as possible.

How to contact us

Please contact Semperit in case you have any queries regarding the processing of your data (